Thursday, June 07, 2012

Missing All The Fun

It is 9:30 in the morning.  I am sitting at the kitchen table, nursing my coffee and thinking about all the fun PD activities I am missing today. 

1.  The long line for coffee and cold mini bagels
2.  The hard, backless benches in the student cafeteria.
3.  The race to the auditorium to see who can get the most inconspicuous seats.
4.  Watching the suck ups acting like they really care about what is going on.
5.  Straining to hear those never ending data reports in a room with the world's worst sound system.
6.  Pretending to be listening to the information being imparted while playing WWF, texting, reading a magazine or, more commonly, marking finals.
7.  Deciding which PD will be the least painful when signing up for smaller sessions.
8.  Listening to Mr. AP's incoherent ramblings where he:   
     a)   Talks smack about retired teachers   
     b)   Berates teachers whose stats might have fallen a percentage or two below the department average.
    c)  Complaining that someone moved his papers and then waiting while he frantically runs around looking for them or running off new ones.
   d)  Begs a marker from someone in the room as he is never prepared for anything except berating the teacher who needed a marker in class one day.  
   e)  Pushing some ridiculous method of solving equations, a method that does not do anything special in the short run and is harmful in the long run and then threatening teachers who don't use his method.
   f) Trying to follow his spoken words which are more difficult to follow than his written ones.  (search department memos on this blog if you don't know what I am referring to.)
9.  Watching some poor teacher present a workshop on a  topic not thoroughly thought out either because they wanted to make brownie points with the administration or were just plain afraid to refuse to do.

I'm missing a day packed full of fun things.  I've had my share.  I'm happy to pass the torch to others so they too may experience the wonders of PD day in the beginning of June.


Anonymous said...

My staff development meeting at the synagogue last week included:

a) meeting in air conditioned board room
b) respectful and professional meeting with new administrator and board member (who officiates the Relgiious School)
c) Dinner (warm and fresh) from the local Kosher Chinese restaurant in the neighborhood (this is Reform Synagogue but wanted to be considerate to all of the staff who work for the Religious School)
d) Each staff member received a red Bendel Kabbalah bracelet (not from this website but from local store in neighborhood)
e) Each staff member also received a bouquet of sunflowers from the synagogue board appreciating us for our services and hard work.

This is something I am not used to, teachers being treated with humanity, respect, kindness and professionalism. It would be nice to see more of this elsewhere, this kind of lifestyle is growing on me..

Pissedoffteacher said...

Relgiious schools have to treat their staff well because they don't pay them a living wage and don't offer any benefits. I say they got off cheap with some flowers, a gift and a meal. Still, I'm glad it worked for you.

Anonymous said...

actually, they, nor anyone has to anything for their employees. The point of the matter is that it is the thought that counts, and it does not have to happen, full time or part time positions.

At this point, I will take the flowers and a general letter of appreciation from supervisor, over BS from other places any day.

Pissedoffteacher said...

Actually they do have to treat decent employees well to keep them.

Anonymous said...

And they get to do this twice more before the end of the term. I prefer root canal or having a basal cell removed. It hurts a little but I get to talk to an intelligent person and improve my well being


TeachmyclassMrMayor said...

I wonder how many other staffs had their principal tell their APs to make sure that the staff does no socializing. I only wish this was written down.

Anonymous said...

Some people will give up salary to work for a place where they are appreciated--especially is they can afford to do so.

But missing PD....PRICELESS!!!