Monday, June 11, 2012


Although on sabbatical, the ATR religiously checks her DOE e-mail once a day, applies for jobs and goes on as many interviews as possible.  However, when she checked last week at 9:20 AM she noticed she was already five minutes late for the interview scheduled that day.  She quickly sent out an e-mail, explaining her status and giving the days and times she is available for interviews.  She "cc'd" the union.

It is pretty obvious that this ATR is not wanted at this school.  If she was, she would have been given more notice and a courtesy phone call.
I told her to go to the interview in her old sweats, rinse her mouth out with beer and be sure to dribble some on her clothes too.  That way they wouldn't have to lie about not wanting her.  The ATR said no.  She said, "I have class."  I hope some Principal out there is smart enough to give her 5 classes permanently in September.

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