Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back Then Innocence Meant You Were Innocent

Many years ago a special education teacher noticed several teachers were giving answers out during the state required exams.  He made a complaint (without mentioning specific names) and inspectors were sent to the school to find out exactly what was going on..

The students were called into meetings.  One student and two investigators scared the crap out of these poor kids.  Only one teacher was mentioned during the interrogation.  The young woman was asked if anyone helped her.  She quickly answered "Yes, Ms. POd."  Thankfully the reviewer asked her to clarify her statement, which she readily did.  "Yes, Ms. POd.  She goes out of her way all the time to make sure we understand.  She really helps us."

Thankfully the investigation was closed and no harm was done.  No one was on a witch hunt then.  I somehow doubt I would survive the same thing today. In this climate, the teacher once charged is presumed guilty, whether the act was committed or not.  Today's teachers don't stand a chance.

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