Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where Did The Love Go?

A colleague recently reminded me of my friendship with this guy, of how together we used to piss Principal Suit off at faculty meetings together, how we talked about fun things and school related things, both on and off the record.  He would ask my advice and listen respectfully, not always doing as I suggested but giving  my responses careful consideration and I never minded when my words were ignored.

I often spoke to him about inequities in programming and how unfair it was that certain teachers only taught the best classes and taught the same prep over and over.  He told me they were retiring soon and he wanted their last years to be memorable.  He promised me the same thing when my time came.  My time has long passed and he has kept his promise.  My last years have been memorable, just not memorable the way I would have liked them to be.

I don't understand how things changed so drastically.  How does collegiality, respect and camaraderie turn to hatred?  Why have years of friendship and respect ended with such bitterness?

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