Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Little Mouse-Chapter 8

At one point in her life, Little Mouse was over weight.  She hated looking at the extra blubber around her middle and decided to do something about it.  She said she was dieting but some of her friends were sure she was Anorexic.  She just did not look healthy to him.  No mouse of her age should be as thin as she was.  They never saw her eat.  Other friends thought she was Bulimic.  They would notice her binging on all kinds of fattening foods and then wait while she spent long periods of time in the bathroom.  Both groups of friends tried talking to her.  Her words fell on deaf ears.  She thought she looked great.  She didn't see the loose skin bagging around her arms and legs.

Along with her strange eating habits, Little Mouse became a fanatic exerciser.  She ran, roller bladed and biked every day.  In fact, she spent so many hours working out she forgot she had friends and family to spend time with.  Rodent relations got angry and stopped speaking to her.  When Little Mouse had a bad bike accident, no one was around to take her to the hospital and she had to go alone.

Little Mouse was becoming a very, sad little mouse.

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