Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Guy Should Not Be Teaching

Gina is every teacher's nightmare. She is either the sweetest, brightest, hardest working student around or she is Rosemary's baby. There is very little in between behavior and there is no way of knowing which Gina is around at any time.

Lately, the Rosemary's offspring has shown up in class. I had a major incident with her last week and had to call a dean to have her removed from class. Since then, she has been sitting in the back, reading a book, but leaving me and the rest of the class alone. I know I am accountable for her learning but I don't care. I'm glad she is quiet and I am not going to deal with her. Hopefully her other self will return soon and we can get back to education.

This morning I ran into one of Gina's other teachers and what he said, shocked me:

Gina is definitely bipolar. When she graduates from here, she is going to have a major breakdown and destruct. I'll be glad when it happens. I don't like that girl at all.

I tried to reason with the teacher. I tried telling him that she was a child, a sick child and that kind of thing should not be wished on anyone. He said he didn't care and he would be glad to be done with her in a few weeks.

I just stood there with my mouth open when he walked away.


teachin' said...

That's atrocious.

Anonymous said...

Can you report this man? It's guaranteed Gina is not the only student he dislikes and possibly mistreats.

Gina may not be bipolar. She may actually have multiple personalities. This doesn't necessarily mean she is abused at home, as I understand it people can be born with this condition. Some doctors now say the answer is not integration of personalities but respecting them as individuals, helping them to work together like a team.

On the other hand the way she acts I wonder if she is abused at home, or has witnessed abuse (domestic violence) and maybe this should be looked into. This kind of thing does not happen in a vacuum.

Whatever Gina's problem is I hope she gets real help and not just pills. They shut you up and keep you a nice quiet zombie, but they do nothing to actually cure emotional problems.