Monday, May 11, 2009

Silver--Not For My Hair Or My Car

If you drive a silver car, a Honda Accord or especially if you drive a silver Honda Accord, please be aware that this is only my craziness talking. Please don't be offended. I'm sure most of you are not boring old men.

We have two cars. The newer one, the one my husband usually drives is a nice Honda Accord, complete with leather seats, a sun roof and an XM radio. It's a good car, good gas mileage and handles well, but, it has no personality. It is the kind of car my dad would drive, even down to the color, which I call old man silver.

I prefer my ten year old Pathfinder. Now, that is a car with character. I have my little buddies on the dash board and a proper little friend on the seat next to me. While not the biggest SUV on the road, it is big enough for me (I am not a big person.) I feel like I own the road while driving it.

We don't buy new cars very often. As long as the car can get us from here to there, we are happy. When we do get a new one, we alternate picking it out. I chose the Pathfinder for the power, and also for the extra room it provided transporting kids to college. I know a mini van would have even held more, but I am not a mini van kind of gal. I'm the one that insisted on stick shifts (which we gave up once the kids got old enough to drive) and fire engine red models. I can't count the number of cars I outright rejected because they did not come in red.

Our next car will be my pick. I'm torn between another SUV (which I cannot get in red) and a mini cooper, two very different cars. I love the power I get from sitting up high but the thought of zooming around in one of those little guys is pretty exciting. I know they come in red and since the kids are grown and on their own, I can go back to a standard transmission.

It will probably be years before we need a new car. My Pathfinder has lots of good life in it and if I retire, we really won't need a second car. But, I can dream. I need a car that will keep me feeling young and that conservative silver Honda will not do the trick.


Rick Patterson said...

As a teacher who drives an old man silver Pontiac Sunfire, I find myself not even feeling slightly guilty.
A car is five wheels: four roll and one steers. If it can do the job reliably, that's like dessert.
At this moment, my car's hood is slightly crumpled from a fender bender that my daughter did back in February and I haven't had the time or concern or Ritalin to look for a replacement yet, although the honking from other drivers is being to get annoying. It will probably be a July job.
As for buying a NEW car...I'm 47 and I've never done that.

Pissed Off said...

The dent would give it personality--and that is what counts!

Pissed Off said...

I'm way older than you Rick, I guess that is why I need the car to make me feel young.

We always buy new and keep it forever.

Pink Floyd said...

How about a nice bright red mustang?

..or a motorcycle? =)