Friday, May 01, 2009

Once Again, They Return

The union lackeys returned in full force yesterday. In addition to the usual cast of characters, they brought our district rep (who is actually a pretty good guy whose job represents people that suck) and a new person--the UFT's city high school specialist.

I really tried to ignore them. I marked papers. I used the computer. I used my i-pod. I even took a walk and did the unthinkable--talked to an administrator! She asked me if I was just wandering and I told her I had to escape the lackeys. I explained my aversion to anyone in a suit. She just laughed. (She doesn't wear one.)

Anyways, I did eventually wander back and the one I usually fight with came over to say hello. I was polite. I told him I was avoiding him to avoid our usual arguments. I don't want my temper to get the best of me. I don't want to be led out of the school in handcuffs. We even managed to have a civil conversation, mostly because I was engrossed in my Internet search for the perfect AP problem and I still had my music on.

When I went back to marking, the new person came over to introduce herself. When she told me her specialty, I got interested, not for me, but for my buddies, my ATR friends and my rubber room acquaintances. She didn't like hearing my negative opinions of Randi and the union. The fact that I am related to one of the teacher defense lawyers, the one who really knows how crappy our union is, did not go over well with her either, but that's life. She tried to impress me with the new deal the union and the city made, to financially reward schools for hiring ATRs but I wouldn't buy that. No principal will willingly take a teacher that refuses to jump on command. None of the ATRs I know can get a real job, and they are all excellent teachers. They are also all over 40.

And so the saga of our useless union continues. Aside from spending more money and hiring more people to work for them and spread their gospel, nothing is being done to help the teachers of NYC. Next time they are in town, I am going out for a nice long walk.

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Abstract Randomizer said...

I feel for you guys.
Last year, our entire province ratified a deal with the provincial government that led to a five-year contract.
Shortly thereafter, the provincial union upped the union dues. For what, I ask? It's not like they will have anything to do for the next four years.
Sigh. But I suppose they protect us from...well, something or another.