Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Gay People Need Marriage

Jack left Jill to be with Joey 15 years ago. The divorce was messy, but Jill kept the house and got child support and alimony for a few years. Things were tough, but the courts forced Jack to pay and she survived.

Jack has been with Joey for 15 years. They have been married in every sense of the word, except they have never been able to tie the knot legally as gay marriages are not legal in the state of New York. Joey was at Jack's side through the divorce and he nursed Jack through a terrible bout of Hepatitis. Joey is now very sick. He has a neurological disease and he is deteriorated very quickly. Jack is once again unhappy and he is leaving Joey. He doesn't want to be around a sick person. He can't stand seeing Joey in the condition he is in.

The house, the car and all of their money are in Jack's name. Jack and Joey are not legally married so Jack has no legal obligations to care and support Joey. Joey is not only sick, he is also now penniless and homeless. He depends on an older sister to care for his needs. Jack's children, both adults, are devastated by this. They cannot believe their father would desert the person who he has loved and cared for all these years. Jack's children have stepped up to the plate. They are helping Joey, taking him to doctors and making sure he is eating. Joey was not always nice to Jack's children and Jack's wife, but that is not stopping their care of him now.

Jack's ex-wife raised her children to do the right thing. They are a credit to her. Poor Jack, who will care for him when he is old and infirmed? These children have gotten past Jack's awful treatment of their mother and them years ago. They will have nothing to do with him after the way he has treated Joey.

Way to go with the new law, Connecticut!

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