Thursday, October 09, 2008

13 Years! Don't Slam The Door On Your Way Out

I'm not going to sugar coat this. As of xxx. xx, 2008, this department no longer exists. You are all being laid off.

Those are the words that greeted a friend of mine last week as she was called to a meeting with her entire department. She new that the meeting would not be good ans the vice-president never bothered to talk to the peons that worked under her.

My friend works (still has a few weeks to go) for a non profit organization. She and her colleagues deliver valuable services to needy clients. I can't mention the name of the organization because the clients involved have no idea what is going on. Nice! Not only are the employees getting stomped on, the people they are servicing are being destroyed as well.

A few years ago, the main function of this organization was changed. Originally it serviced one disability. Now it supposedly helps many. The web site looks fantastic. It shows all kinds of wonderful services. Too bad none of them really exist.

When the function was changed, the method of filling our forms and reporting on what was being done also changed. No one bothered to tell the staff and the first year they failed their audit. A "gestapo" agent was brought in to straighten things out. She never helped. She never made recommendations or answered questions. She worked to get rid of the department and succeeded.

My friend met with human resources yesterday. They asked her how they could help. She told them to hire an agency to help find them all new jobs. Human resources said this will never be done.

My friend only has a few weeks left. She is supposed to tie up all loose ends. She is not allowed to tell her clients. It's just "Slam, bam and thank you mam. Your gone!" What a way to start the new year.

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Anonymous said...

Horrible news and more of the same will come right before the holidays.