Monday, October 13, 2008

That One

As a teenager, my daughter drove us crazy. We even took her to a psychologist at one point hoping that someone could do something to make her easier to live with. She met with the psychologist once, alone. The second meeting was a family meeting. My daughter hated going. When the psychologist asked her exactly what the problem was, she pointed to her father, brother and me and said "THAT ONE, THAT ONE AND THAT ONE." Needless to say, she was very angry.

The psychologist was great. She said that my daughter was just going through normal teen stuff and did not need to see her. (My daughter has grown into a sensation adult so this professional was correct.) I totally forgot about this incident until I heard McCain use the same words during last weeks debate. The anger and resentment I heard was the same irrational words I heard from my 14 year old child. She scared me then. He scares me now.


Under Assault said...

Love that story about our teenage offspring. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling that other people went through the same tribulations I did .....

Someone told me they saw a bumper sticker:

You can already get a T-shirt with that remark on ebay:

which I'm going to order now.

Anonymous said...

McCain doesn't scare me as much as his supporters do. They really believe that Obama is a terrorist.
It's great that McCain has forced himself into a position where he has to defend Obama's patriotism.


Anonymous said...

That comment was so incredibly pejorative and derogatory. I was - and AM - SHOCKED by such commentary from a man who wishes to be my leader.

Not gonna happen if my vote has anything to do with it.

And while I admire the Obamas for not continuing down the slippery slide that the McCain-Palin ticket is creating, it is incredibly hurtful to have McCain lording over the world with his elitist attitude.

All of this from the man who didn't think Arizona should celebrate MLK Day.

Makes ya wonder... but you sure don't have to wonder too long.

kherbert said...


I agree completely McCain's supporters are scary. I'm scared of what they might do when Senator Obama is elected. I fear for his family's safety.

On the other hand I have a friend that was disappointed that Senator Obama isn't a Muslim. Her thinking was that would be a huge leap forward for the US in our fight to eliminate bigotry. She remembers her parents thinking the world was going to end when a Catholic became President.

We both have friends that will drive 30 min - 1 hour out of their way to avoid going through certain towns because they fear for their safety traveling through those towns.

Then we all look at our playground with white, black, Hispanic, and Vietnamese students playing together speaking fluent English and Spanish and we have hope for the future. (We are dual language English/Spanish campus - were the ideal is students will leave us literate in both languages).

Under Assault said...

Religion shouldn't enter into it at all.
The brilliant founders of this country went out of their way to separate church and state. It is for other, much darker reasons that religion has taken over American politics in the past 60 years.