Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Kingdom For A Trash Can

Mr. M is still a trailer teacher. He complained last year, but not nearly as much as I did. He is a mellow kind of guy and, no matter how bad things get, he keeps going. A few years ago, he had to teach with an open umbrella because his roof leaked when the snow melted.

Mr. M doesn't ask for much. Right now, a garbage can in his classroom is all he needs to make him happy. He's been requesting one for over a year. He's continually told that none are available in the building. He has tried using empty cartons, but the custodians just remove them whenever they clean (which is not all that often) so he does manage to have a trash receptacle sometimes.

No garbage can means the papers on the floor and in
the bathroom build up. The place is a pig sty. Maybe Suit's greatest achievement was getting trash cans under the water fountains in the halls, but a greater one might be getting trash cans in every classroom.


Anonymous said...

Seems like this is an issue that can come up under the Safety Plan because it deals with health issues too. Both the principal and custodian certainly have money in their budget to buy a pail. I know I bought my own pail at a 99cents store. And if that were my classroom, I would buy one and put my name on it with a marker and ask the custodian for a supply of plastic liners. Then I would give the bill to my principal. I am sure there is snack money available.

On another matter: Bloomie wants to rule NYC like a soverign.

I just went to the New York City Council page and emailed my representative, the Speaker with a cc to every Queens representative my feelings about extending term limits to Bloomberg.

Here is the link if you are interested:


Pissedoffteacher said...

That seems like too much effort for a room that you are only using three period out of a 12 period day.

I'm tired of buying things like that for the school. They should be provided. As it is, I used to supply my own toilet paper and purell.

Mrs. T said...

It's definitely the principle of the thing. NYC public schools should be embarrassed by this. (I'm sure they are not.) Yes, teachers could go out and purchase their own, but the point is that they shouldn't HAVE to. Desks on which to write, chairs on which to sit, lights, chalk/whiteboards, pencil sharpeners, teacher desk, wastebasket- all should be standard equipment.