Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Little Pisher


I  took a Yiddish class in my temple last night.  One of the words on the list we went over was

PISHER:  A bed wetter, a young inexperienced person, a person of no consequence. 

Lots of people had their own definitions of the words on the list. Of course, sitting in a group of teachers, the one that came to us was 21st century school administrator. Unfortunately, these no nothing pishers are the ones to determine who keeps their jobs and who does not.


Anonymous said...

LOL Forgot about that word! That is exactly what they are!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... that is great and true...

my favorite Yiddish expression is "Gai kachen afenyam." - which means go s%^t in the sea"...another saying which implied to those meshuggener 21 century principals who work for the fachacte school system." :)

Hope the Yiddish class is fun and you are enjoying yourself.


Po'd Daughter said...

Its also what you used to call your son.

Pissed Off said...

Now he is a big pisher

Anonymous said...

I knew the second I saw the title of this post that you were writing about my AP (who is the epitome of the term "pisher").

I could run the school better without one administration class.