Wednesday, October 16, 2013



It is 6:45.  I rush to the phone because dad goes to bed early and I never miss saying goodnight.  I take out my phone and then put it away.  He can't answer.  I'll never be able to say talk to you in the morning again.  I never thought this would be so hard.


Anonymous said...

We always know that we will lose our parents but it is never the right time! You have all wonderful memories of dad-this no one can take with you.
Find strength in these memories....he would want you to!
Prayers and love are with you!

Anonymous said...

My aunt had the same feeling when it came to the exact time of calling my grandma and check in... its hard....


Anonymous said...

How lucky we are to have a photo history of our loved ones.
When Sandy hit, every homeowner lamented over the loss of the photos. Yet, our hearts and minds are filled with memories that weren't captured on film. And from your photo I can tell there were many wonderful moments. And those are the moments that will get you through this.


Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss.