Sunday, August 11, 2013

Keeping AYP Up

I just read a horrific story about an AP who told her students not to worry about the upcoming regents exams. 

The teacher told the boy to study.  The AP told the boy not to worry.  He would be in a special room with proctors who would help him through.  She assured him he would be graduating.

In case you wonder what school and which AP, click here.

Special note to the teachers hired to proctor this young man:  Don't do it.  When the investigators come around, and they will, you will get burnt, not the AP in charge.  The AP will blame you and claim she knew nothing about the cheating that went on.  She'll be saving for a house like this and you will be on the unemployment line.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this is not happening in one school but many! Numbers are now more important than education will ever be!

With the new evaluation system you can expect even more "helping" on exams.