Saturday, August 17, 2013

Incompetent Leadership


The feline colony was in need of a new office manager but none of the cats were qualified to interview and hire one.  The leader of the animal kingdom did not want to be bothered interviewing so he called Chihuahua and told her to take care of things.

Poor Chihuahua. She can barely take care of the canines in her care and has no clue as to what any of them are doing.  The good ones are a threat to her.  She knows they see through her and know how incompetent she is and little by little she has gotten rid of them.  The ones left are being pushed to leave. The ones who come in late, fill out time cards for work they did not do and worship at her feet are the ones she reveres.  She has made a mess of dog world.  If she has her way, she will make a mess of cat world too.

Someone should send Chihuahua back to the pound she crawled out of.  She is not the kind of dog anyone would want around.


Anonymous said...

My principal sounds EXACTLY like this. She's a graduate of the Leadership Academy. And her main mission? Destroy our school and our careers.

The sad thing is UFT has sat back and done NOTHING to help us. And in some ways helped HER.

We want our dues back!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that this little dog is so CUTE on the outside that in corporate America aka DOE that is all that matters!
People in charge never see when she foams at the mouth as captured in this photo of her!