Monday, July 22, 2013

You Won't Die If You Get Wet or Why My Camera Is My Favorite Travel Companion


We only get to live once and I am not content to live my life in Queens or Long Island, playing cards and eating diner lunch day in and day out.  And, I know that isn't what some others want either, but there is always some excuse not to leave the comfort zone:
1.   It's too hot
2.   It's too cold
3.   It's too windy
4.   There is no breeze.
5.   It might rain.
6.   It is cloudy.
7.   It is sunny.
8.   My back hurts.
9.   My feet hurt.
10.  It's too early.
11.  It's too late.
12.  I can't get an egg whilte omlette for lunch.
13.  It's too far uptown.
14.  It's too far downtown.
15.  It costs too much.
etc, etc, etc

I can't understand why people would live in NYC or Great Neck or anywhere on Long Island and not experience all the city has to offer.  Money can't be a problem because there are tons of free things to do, you just have to know where to look.  I was recently asked how I knew so much about the city.  I wanted to say, use your computer for something other than shopping and you too can find out what is going on around you.  I wanted to say, get off your ass and get on a subway with your eyes open and you will find lots of wonders. I kept these thoughts to myself and said Time Out NY is a great source.

After last week's heat wave, I just had to get into the city today.  Sure, the weather said rain, but I packed an umbrella and my water proof camera bag and took off.  Sure I got wet, but I'm not made of silk.  No damage was done.  And, I found a great place for lunch during the worst part of the storm.
I was taking cover in the doorway of the Custom House, One Bowling Green, during one downpour. 
Today's free bees included The American Indian Museum and NYC Archives in the Custom House, Federal Hall, Stone Street--NYC's answer to European Cafes, The South Street Seaport, China Town and SOHO and lots of side streets in between.
 George Washington in front of Federal Hall
 Looking south from Wall St
 Stone St

(More pictures later)
My camera is my favorite travel buddy.  It doesn't care if I change my mind about where I want to go 3 times in 2 mintues.  It is never cranky when the weather changes.  It never nags for food or complains about tired feet.  And, it never tells me when it is time to go home. 
Circumstances are keeping me from an exotic summer vacation this year, but there are plenty of exotic things to do right here and I intend to do many of them.


Ms. Tsouris said...

You forgot another classic excuse to not go over a county line: "It's too hard to park there".

Anonymous said...

I have many of those pictures of the Financial District and China Town, 2 of my favorite places to walk around in the borough of Manhattan...

If you ever need a stop for a quick treat, drink or meal, go to Cafe Petisco, on East Broadway and Montgomery Street in the LES. The cafe is hidden and the LES's best kept hidden secret, however it is right across from the Seward Public Library.

and speaking of heatwaves, out of the all the museums I went to last Saturday was the museum without air conditioning, the sweatshop factory museum at Tenement was hot and it was even hotter in the factory apartment....but a reality of what immigrants endured in the 1900's in horrible living and working conditions (and why we need unions to this day).

~~ TG