Wednesday, July 24, 2013



When you teach in a big high school, your friends are usually determined by who you share a lunch period with.  Since lunch stretches over 5 periods there are many people you just never get a chance to know.

Now retirement is an entirely different situation.  Three of us started having lunch together over a year ago.  The three soon grew to five, the five to ten and before we knew it, there were twenty of us meeting, many had only said brief hellos in the halls of Packemin. (Everyone knows someone else to invite and all are welcome.)

I bring this up today as I just spent the most wonderful day with one of these people, a teacher who taught in my department but never knew well until we started lunching together.  My husband and I spent the day with her and her husband in their summer home in Hampton's.  This friendship was a long time in the making but will continue to grow.

I look forward to seeing what other relationships develop with my new found friends.

(Swan from the back yard)

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