Friday, July 26, 2013

How An AP Is Chosen

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The AP had absolutely no experience in the subject she was put in charge of.  No one could figure out why she got the job, except of course Scott Adams.  She has no ethics.  She lies and cheats and throws both teachers and students to the wolves to improve her numbers and her standings. 

And then there is the AP who stands at meetings publicly berating and humiliating teachers.  He carefully removes failing students from the classes of those he likes and places them in the classes of those he does not like and then accuses them of being ineffective.  He constantly talks about those long retired in a demeaning manner.  He loves going on vacation and partying with the chosen few and has even been showing favoritism to one very pretty, very young new teacher.  His specialty is writing incoherent memos and going after those over 50.
Ethics and morality seem to be the only quality these people have and no wonder they are in charge.
Also included in this group should be politicians.

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