Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Darryl was in my class a zillion years ago, way before I began my career at Packemin.  He was a special education student, one of the first to be main streamed (this was something new in the '80s.)

I remember his smile and how easy he was to cajole him into working.  Academics wasn't his strenght, but his charm made up for his academic deficiencies.   The thing I remember most about Darryl was the dirty green hoodie he wore day in and day out.  The hood was always pulled over his head.  My husband met Darryl at the San Gennaro street fair.  The hood took nothing away from the warm greeting and the handshake.  Darryl was a pussy cat who would never harm a fly.

Over the years, in the college ans well as high school, I have seen many students in hoodies.  My son loves hoodies.  Pat Robertson says criminals wear hoodies.  Well, good teens wear hoodies too. How do people  like this get an audience?


Ms. Tsouris said...

Oh really? For that moron Pat Robertson's information, I bought my son a couple of relatively expensive hoodies at Express for Men a couple of months ago. My son is no criminal!!!! Pat Robertson is!!

NYC Educator said...

Pat Robinson gets an audience, apparently, by appealing to simple-minded bigots. I think he attributed 9/11, or maybe Katrina, to homosexuality. It's very sad in America, in 2013, that demagogues like him can get a following.

Anonymous said...

If this post is in regard to the Zimmerman verdict and the racism in regards to Trayvon wearing a hoodie and being profiled, I have to point out that he did have a juvenile criminal background..this is why he was in Orlando, Florida in the first place. His mother kicked him out of her house to stay with his father for awhile..




Pissedoffteacher said...

Hoodies do not imply criminal behavior and that is what this post is about.