Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So Who Needs Lunch Anyways?

Mathematicamama sent me a site that contains the exit exams for Geometry in Virginia. The problems looked great--exactly the type I would like to use in my class, but I did not want to print 24 pages on my home computer so I saved the e-mail and went to the library to print the exam.

Our library has a total of four computers for staff use. After all the school has almost 5000 kids, 4 staff computers should be plenty, right! I was thrilled to see that two were available. Of course when I sat down to work, I had to restart the computer. We now have individual log in codes and the dunces in my school don't understand the difference between logging out and turning off. I can't believe I have to ask the librarians to put up a sign telling teachers how to log off.

So, I finally restarted the computer, logged on to my e-mail and got the site up and running. I hit print, and waited for my beautiful questions to appear. Nothing happenned. I checked. There was paper and toner in the machine. The librarian couldn't find the problem and promised to call for help, which was no help for me. I already wasted 20 minutes of my lunch period and quite frankly after teaching four periods in a row, I was not in the mood for that nonsense.

I'm not exactly a shrinking violet so I ran down to APO office and started bitching about wasting time and the crappy conditions we are forced to work in. She felt bad and let me use her computer which was good but I couldn't get back my wasted time.

I guess the school feels we teachers must lose some weight. We don't need lunch. But, I am fed up (and not because I am getting too much to eat.) They want us to use all this new technology but having a working computer and printer is too much to ask for.


ChiTown Girl said...

If it makes you feel any better, we only GET 20 minutes for lunch. Sorry you had such a crappy afternoon :(

mathematicamama said...

We have a cutoff score of 400 out of 600 points, after some magic-math-manipulations. 500 is pass-advanced and the student gets an A on the final exam. 399-too bad.

Anonymous said...

That is why I used some of my Teacher's Choice money to buy ink for my own printer. I did a lot of my tests, letters, bulletin board sign's and posters for enlargement at home. It cleared up my prep time for other things in the classroom.


Sonja said...

I am absolutely astounded that you don't have a working computer/printer in your room for your use. In WV, almost every teacher has their own set along with many of us having laptops given to us by the county or state from various workshops we've attended. Every time I read this blog, I think about how much complaining WV teachers do and how maybe they need to stick their heads out of their rooms occasionally and see what the rest of the teaching profession has to deal with.

PS - POed thanks for the tips on where to visit in NYC - I started a wiki so my friend and I can organize our trip some what. :)

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Even undocumented workers get a lunch. It is the law!

JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Even undocumented workers get a lunch. It is the law!