Friday, November 07, 2008

My Dream Job

My school ran a fund raiser at a local ice cream store this weekend. No one could believe that I actually volunteered to work there as I haven't volunteered for anything in years. Those people don't know the real me. Years ago, I did lots extra curricular activity at school. I performed at our Faculty Frolics, even lip syncing a solo on stage. (I have zero talent, but that did not stop me.) We made tons of money for the school and had a blast doing it. I put on a cheerleader's uniform and cheered on the sidelines at the student-faculty basketball game. I went on long trips to Washington DC. I came in early and stayed late and did everything and anything the school was involved in. I loved my job. My husband even got involved and participated in many activities.

I tried doing the same types of things in this school. In the beginning, I participated in our International Festival. Only here, it was not fun. The people in charge were rigid and got angry at our two left feet and our lack of talent. I went to basketball games but found many times I was the only faculty member present. I attended every concert and play. Eventually, I stopped going. And then Suit became principal. He tried to run the school as if it was one big summer camp and he knocked out the little wind that was left in my sails. Not attending school functions was, in my mind, a good act of defiance. There was no way I could be found insubordinate because I did not go to a school party.

I've often thought about what I would have done if I did not become a teacher . My first career choice would have been driving an 18 wheeler with huge smoke stacks across country. That career will have to wait until I retire, but I already checked out the nearest tractor trailer school and I plan on following up on this dream soon.

My second choice is working in an ice cream shop. (I knew this would not pay the bills so I never followed through here.) I've loved ice cream for as long as I can remember and when the school announced the chance to scoop, I jumped. I looked forward to this night for weeks. Well,the big night has come and gone and it was as wonderful as I dreamt it would be. Holding that scoop and digging into those big tubs of that creamy stuff was heavenly. I scooped cups and cones and pints. I served students and adults and my own family. I even managed to wait until my shift was over to serve myself.

Students enjoying ice cream after their team practice.
One of my geometry kids enjoying a pint of vanilla--my favorite subject. I wish I could show the expression on this kid's face as he ate away. He was in heaven. This kid was giving me a hard time in the beginning but we are bonding now and he is doing great. Too bad I didn't know about his love of ice cream. I would have had something to share with him earlier in the year.

My had scooping chocolate-chocolate chip. For me, a dream come true. (My husband knows I am a cheap date!)

And here I am in all my glory. Maybe I should just hand in my retirement papers and open up my own ice cream shop.

I told my students that if I am not in on Monday it will because I have found a new career. Unfortunately, Haagen Daz is not hiring at the moment but I think I did a pretty good job and hope they will consider me should a position open up.


Anonymous said...

You have given me new inspiration....can I be manager? Let's just say you have the "scoop" on a new career!!

Anonymous said...

I really believe a good administration inspires us to go beyond the call of duty. Many teachers in my school also did those "extras", not because they loved the school and the admin, but to make brownie points--which they did.

I worked in Patrick Daly's district the same time he was shot and killed. His school, PS 15, in Red Hook, Brooklyn, had many problems, but he had one of the most dedicated staff. They would do anything for him because he was just that wonderful. He lost his life while being that wonderful, caring administrator trying to locate a child who left school. He was shot, an innocent bystander, and the school was never the same. No administrator could light that same fire because they came in with their own agenda instead of learning the culture of that wonderful school.