Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quote From A New Teacher

One of my son's friends just started teaching in a NYC high school. I asked him how he was finding teaching. Here is his response:

The only thing harder than being a NYC High School Teacher is being an executioner who is against the death penalty.


Chaz said...

Very funny

Anonymous said...

Well said. Teaching in NYC goes against everything I was taught and what made me a great teacher in the 70s-90s. But with all the changes that came around, I was no longer in a position to be creative. I just spoke to a friend who told me to thank my lucky starts I am retired. The word she used was "hectic". She said the new remedial program had over 18 kids in the group so she couldn't understand why she couldn't just work with her own class if they were going to negate the program with such a large group.



Catherine Johnson said...

oh my gosh

that's awful

Rachel Grynberg said...

I have felt like an executioner, too.

A said...

Poor guy!