Saturday, September 15, 2007

Teacher, Student Trade Blows After Spat

While I don't condone it, I can understand this teacher's frustrations. I have taught rough kids, but I can't imagine a population like this.

Sep 14, 9:45 PM (ET)

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. (AP) - A teacher and a 14-year-old student were arrested after trading blows during an argument over taking out trash at the desert's Riverside County Community School.

Teacher Thomas Silva, 61, was arrested and booked for investigation of willful cruelty to a child, while the teenager was arrested for battery on a school employee, Sgt. Mitch Spike said Thursday. Both were released.

"Neither one of their actions were justified," the sergeant said.

Silva, who wasn't available for comment, has worked for the Riverside County Office of Education since 1979, spokesman Rick Peoples said, adding he was unable to discuss the incident because it was a personnel matter.

At about 11:20 a.m. on Wednesday, Silva asked the student to throw out the trash and the teen refused, Spike said. They argued and the student shoved Silva, who then slapped the student, the sergeant said.

The student then slapped the teacher and the teacher punched the student at least three times in the head, Spike said.

No medical attention was needed.

Peoples said the school serves about 40 students, who are in the seventh through 12 grades. The students include those who have been expelled from other schools, are on probation or have other problems.


CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

This incident happened in a public school setting in what we call "the county program." Everyone here knows that many of the kids in the county program (excluding those who are severely disabled) are just one step away from incarceration. Now that you've read about this incident, you know why!

It takes a special breed of teacher to work in the county program. I'm not of that special breed!

tahoestyle said...

I completely agree! It's so frustrating to me when parents "stick up" for their children in situations knowing damn well that their child is a troublemaker - Its time to let the Adults beat down some sense into these children, the juvenile camps are not working and this needs to happen at the time of incident - immediate impact!