Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Overcrowding Problems

I just found out that one of the kids in my Math B class should be in Intermediate Algebra. She is a senior who would never have time to complete the entire three terms. Besides, although she works hard, math is not her subject, and this is a class she might have trouble passing. Intermediate Algebra is easier to pass and more useful than doing a geometric proof.

The problem with all of this is that there are no seats available in any of the Intermediate Algebra classes. Her guidance counselor told her to wait and hopefully a seat would open up eventually. This didn't sit right with me so I sent her to my AP. He couldn't get her into a day class so he put her in night school Night school has no class size limit so there is always room for one more. There is only one night school teacher, probably only two classes in this subject, so I am sure that class will be huge. The woman who teaches it doesn't know much math so she hands out a lot of sheets and does only really basic stuff. No one really cares because she passes them all and the school can increase its graduation rate.

So now our graduation rates will be high. Our Principal is really doing his part so that no child will be left behind. Physically, this girl won't be left behind. She will graduate with her class, on time. Educationally, she will be miles behind.


JUSTICE not "just us" said...

Yes on and on the Spanish language TV stations Bloom/Klein can claim to be a friend of the Latino children by boosting graduating rates to 80%. Yep they have propoganda that make that claim.

El Diario(the oldest Spanish langauge newspaper in Gotham)is starting to speak out. Bloom/Klein have nothing but contempt for my fellow Latinos. I am Brasilian but to the powers that be we are all the same--stupid and docile!

Pissedoffteacher said...

We always here the same thing about Latinos in my school. What are we going to do to boost their graudation rates? it's a sin since some of my brightest kids are Latinos and they get lumped into that category also. One of my AP kids was forced to take remedial classes in college so the college could show a higher passing rate. On the same not, non-Latinos are not getting notices as much although they too are not necessarily doing well. You can't lump a group because of the part of the world they originate from.