Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch Inside The Rubber Room

Undercover story on CBS news at 11:00 tonight.

I don't know the slant of the story, but I am going to watch.


Ricochet said...

We in the hinterland won't be able to see it. Please keep us informed.

I was told today by the principal that HE selects the people to teach AP classes (there is no money and I am offering to pay my own way - there is only 1 math teacher who can teach AP) - that it was by invitation - with the definite undertone that I will never get one.

I will do the summer institute anyway because it is something FOR ME.

Schoolgal said...

Not a word that gives me faith that this story is good. We have seen these reports showing teachers reading, playing cards, etc. while still collecting a salary. And they always find the LCD to interview.

Jia said...

Hi, Pissed Off.

I'm not sure if you've seen this yet but a new study came out claiming that girls who do experience math anxiety learn it from their female teachers. I thought it was an interesting read.