Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bully at Large

Miriam worked in the school for almost 20 years, was never late and rarely absent. One day, she got caught in a terrible traffic jam and arrived 20 minutes late. Miriam saw the person in charge, explained why she was late and apologized. She figured, this was the end of the incident until a counseling memo arrived.

Miriam was upset and in tears. How could this happen? She worked hard and did all the right things for so many years. Eventually, Miriam, together with the CL, got the incident cleared up. Miriam's wounds have not healed yet.

This is what happens when the only leadership quality a person has is the ability to bully.


Schoolgal said...

Lateness is allowed for good reasons and only if it's a pattern should be written up and the person put on the clock. But to do this for a first offencse...disgusting!!! I am so glad the CL got involved.

I worked with a wonderful para who was never late. All the teachers loved her. She would stay late to put up b-boards because she was also very artistic. One day traffic was backed up so he used her cell to call the school just in case she was late. The principal answered and was mean to her telling her she should leave early. As it turned out she arrived on time but the principal wasn't around to see that. She was also someone who would not allow the principal to intimidate her.

When the cuts were made, she was sent to another school. I am sure the principal could have found a way to keep her. But my school's loss and another one's gain.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting administrator!

On the OP198 or OP201 there's a provision granted from the DoE for staff members who are late, no fault of their own. It's called "Extraordinary Transportation Delay".

All the administrator had to do was to inform Miriam to fill the form and give it to the Payroll Secretary.

I'm disgusted with these administrators!

Anonymous said...

Boy, Packemin is hitting a new low in staff treatment. Not even a "we'll cover your class and you'll pay it back"???? Goes to show you the true nature of its "leadership". What a punitive, bullying pack of so called administrators.

Pissedoffteacher said...

At least our principal is has heart, but there is an AP that makes Cinderella's step mother look good.

Maddy said...

I'm learning to appreciate that my principal is too chicken to every say anything. Sure, I wish he would make my co-workers join me when I have lunch duty, but I'll take what I have over what Miriam has.

Abstract Randomizer said...

It's really disheartening to see how the Peter Principle operates in education so often.
Rather than mere incompetence rising to its own level, my experience has been that mean-spirited, nasty people who enjoy exercising power for its own sake are elevated to administrative positions where they can abuse other people with impunity. Ask yourself: why do these people want to step out of the classroom and into an office? Answer: because they get to drop bigger rocks in more pools.

Madeleine said...

Without a doubt the meanest teacher I ever encountered was a woman who regularly drove her high school students to tears when she kept them after class.

She became head of guidance, then a vice principal, then . . yes principal. Fortunately I didn't have to work with her anymore.