Sunday, January 24, 2010

Still Flawed

There is a major problem at Packemin HS when it comes to giving kids extended time on exams. Because we are so large, it is not easy to get the exams to the resource room teacher. A problem that has existed for years is that our weakest kids start an exam early in the day and have to wait until much later to finish it. Sometimes, things get messed up and they have to wait days to finish. This method does not foster success.

Another problem, a problem that has also existed for years is how to get the paper from the classroom to the resource room. Years ago, we used to put the paper in a sealed envelope and let the student transport the exam himself. This worked well until one student decided that instead of going to resource with the exam, he would go to his friend and have the friend do the exam for him. The kid got caught and should have been suspended but his very pretty mom came to school and sweet talked the horny old AP of security into giving him another chance. When the teacher complained, the AP security accused the teacher of causing the problem by handing the child the exam in the first place. Needless to say, students were no longer handed exams (at least this teacher stopped) and another method was put into place.

Packemin has grown since this incident and once again the problem of transporting exams resurfaced. Ms. I, who I believe also had a test stolen this way, has re-instituted the policy of letting students carry their own exams. Well, guess what? The policy still does not work.

A young man came into my class with his exam in a sealed envelope, teachers signature across the back, as it is supposed to be. He sat down in the back and did not hand me the paper as he is supposed to do. I was busy handing out papers to the rest of the class, trying to settle down my rowdy bunch, when I noticed his folded paper being passed to the boy in front of him. I took away both papers, called both parents and notified my AP.

I have no problem giving kids extended time when they are entitled to it. I even give extended time to kids who are not entitled to it but I have a problem with the way extended time is administered. I don't have the answer but I am not an AP earning $135,000 a year. Hopefully a good solution can be arrived at soon.


Anonymous said...

When I used to work at BustingattheSeams HS, I had several students who needed extended time. What I should to do was divide the exam into two parts. Part I which were mostly multiple choice answers were done in class and PartII would be done with his/her Res.Rm teacher.

The Res.Rm teacher would have the Part II portion of the exam early in the morning or the day before the exam. This way the student would be able to finish Part I in my class and Part II in the res.rm. This provided the extended time for the students and the exam would not be compromised at all.

It worked like a charm.

NYC Educator said...

I think we just need to pay you 135K a year and the problem will be solved. However, a think an even better solution would be to also pay me 135K a year. Between us we could proctor the kids ourselves if need be.

We could probably make this solution revenue neutral by deducting the 70K from the pay of various administrators who don't actually do anything.

Pissed Off said...

I have a problem with dividing the exam as suggested. The kids should have the time to work where they need. It shouldn't be the teacher's decision to decide how to divide the exams. I had a good solution that worked but it is not my job to share it with the administration. Let Ms. $135k figure it out herself.

NYC Educator said...

I suggest you sit while you wait for that to happen.

Pissed Off said...

I will be dead by the time she figures it out.

Schoolgal said...

You know this also applies to ELL students who are supposed to get double time.

Pissed Off said...

I do know it and give all my ELL students the time they need. I'm not sure if every teacher knows it.