Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Power

A certain administrator is upset about this blog and doesn't understand why certain things have to get posted on the Internet.

This administrator has the power of the counseling memo and s/he uses this power often. S/he has no problems admonishing and harassing teachers in front of colleagues and students.

I can't write a counseling memo and I would never yell at anyone with an audience around. This blog is my way of letting people know about things I find really f**ked up in education today. If this administrator doesn't like it, s/he better stop the s**t and start doing her/his job correctly.


NYC Educator said...

I've been very lucky in that I've worked for some great, supportive and reasonable administrators. It's very tough working for someone who's crazy, inept, irresponsible, or a pathological liar. Yet sometimes those are the sort of folks who choose to "get out of the classroom," at the inevitable expense of the kids--and the unfortunate teachers stuck working for folks like these.

Schoolgal said...

What is this person upset about? The fact that all memos should be written in a professional tone and a person should act in a professional manner? Or that this blog points out that some people aren't qualified to do that job?

And to the person who reads this blog for the express purpose of "squealing"...could it be that your own unprofessional actions were also pointed out on this blog and misery loves company???

Ricochet said...

What is a counseling memo?