Friday, January 29, 2010


If you happen to be in the NY area and get a chance to see a Broadway show, go see Memphis. It was awesome.

And, make sure you make the trip down the long flight of stairs and then up a few steps to see the sign on the handicapped bathroom pictured above.

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Schoolgal said...

I hope their are just as many teachers in your school and others that take a personal interest in their students. I know teachers did not sign up to be social workers, but that has always been part of the job. When I see changes in a student, I contact the parent and sure enough, something was not right at home.

I had a student in 5th grade that I thought had a lot of potential. His former teachers didn't see it. His mother never showed up for the first PTC and I found out that his mother never took any interest in him.

Steven not only passed my tests and worked hard, but at the end of the year I gave him an award. I wrote his mother telling her of his fine achievement and would be receiving an award. His mother didn't bother to come to that assembly either.

There was a time we could write comments on the student's cum card. I wrote about his dedication and potential. Now teachers are told not to write anything, but I always put a comment on the parent/conference section with a "re:" ie, homework, behavior, hopefully the next teacher would get my feedback (especially if the student was going to a new school) otherwise I always spoke to the previous teachers and the child's new teacher. I also made notes if the parent "did not keep scheduled appointment"(s)under the parent conference section because that to me is a red flag.

Today we are not even allowed to put important info under special services. We can include AIS, ELL, Tag, pull-out reading or math, but not SETTS or anything related to special ed. I usually find out through the previous teacher or when the SETTS teacher hands me her program.