Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bizarro World

While taking the midterm exam on Friday, a kid who does no homework and no classwork, whose highest grade all semester has been a 27 asked, "Ms, what happens if I fail this test?"

For once I was speechless.


Ricochet said...

Now we know what would happen - you'd be speechless again! (vbg)

(I think you're like me - that doesn't happen often?)

NYC Educator said...

The same thing that happens if he passes, it sounds like.

Chaz said...

You should have answered. "Don't worry the credit recovery program will allow you to get credit for math by writing a paper about math". Assuming the student can wrire,

Anonymous said...

I also wonder why my students asked the same question. I always respond with a series of questions:
a) Have you passed any of the quizzes. Response: no
b) Have you passed any of the exams. Response: no
c) Have you attended the after-school tutoring program. Response: no
d) Have you handed in all your HW assignments. Response: just two.
e) Have you participated in all the classroom activities. Response: I don't have a chance because I get to the class 15 minutes before it ends.
f) Did you hand in the Xmas break packet? Response: I lost it.
g) How's your attendance in my class? Response: Yo, man, you're going to fail me because I was absent 30 times in the term.

You sit back and wonder what world do these kids live in! Social promotion in elementary and middle school and now they want social promotion in high school and life.

These students will be the ones living off social services because they don't believe in working hard for their grades.

Madeleine said...
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Anonymous said...

That is a said and disgusting post. You should be ashamed... but I guess if you were thinking it is best to put it out there.

slowly, I am starting to wonder about this blog...

Pissed Off said...

Madelaine's comments are not mine.

As long as the comments are not off color, do not sell or promote anything, or give away where I work and my real name, they will be posted.

Her comment needs to be here so people like anonymous can try to point out how wrong they are.

The boy who asked that question comes from a two parent, middle class background, so much for your stereo types.