Friday, January 15, 2010

A Sign

While my belief in the existence of G-d has never wavered, certain events of the past few years have made me question the power of prayer. I needed a sign, something to prove me wrong.

That sign arrived a little over a year ago. Mark is the man my troubled niece has been living with and just had a baby with. He is smart, and kind and good through and through. He is financially independent (not wealthy, just works really hard at a good union job), owns his own home, and takes care of my niece, her daughter and their son. He treats both children the same and loves them both equally. He is a world class dad, jumping up from a sound sleep to feed and change his baby or play a game with his daughter.

Mark and my niece live just two blocks from my sister. He has been at her side constantly, doing everything he can to make life easier for her. He promised me, as we left, that he would be there for her all the time. I know, even if things end up not working out between him and my niece, he will never stop being the father of these children.

G-d might have taken Mike (my brother-in-law) but he sent us Mark. My faith has been restored.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad your niece has a good man in her life. And the baby is adorable. :)