Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Comment From A Reader

This is a comment on Teacher Shortage post.  Sad treatment of teachers which trickles down to our students is happening everywhere.

Great post. It is pathetic to watch a middle school AP with 5 years of phys ed teaching experience rip apart a 15+ year veteran math teacher who is an amazing teacher. The reason the AP rips her apart? Because he can!! Power hungry trolls most of them are. Teach for 3-5 years, get your admin degree from Touro "University" and presto!!! You are an instant expert administrator. Pathetic. 

(Picture from Subway Art Tour-Walkaboutnewyork.com.  Tour is run by Phil Desiere one of the most amazing tour guides I have ever met.  He is informative and entertaining and his tours are not bank breakers.  Anyone who wants to learn about the city and likes to walk should consider one of his tours.) 

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