Friday, March 11, 2016

Teacher Shortage

No wonder NYS has a shortage of teachers. It is no wonder teachers, good experienced teachers are getting out as soon as they can, fleeing from even the best schools in the city.

I have not only heard the stories, but have witnessed personally ineffective, know nothing administrators ripping apart good,experienced, caring teachers because they have minds that work and refuse to cow tow to administrators who know less than the students they are in charge of.


Anonymous said...

Great post. It is pathetic to watch a middle school AP with 5 years of phys ed teaching experience rip apart a 15+ year veteran math teacher who is an amazing teacher. The reason the AP rips her apart? Because he can!! Power hungry trolls most of them are. Teach for 3-5 years, get your admin degree from Touro "University" and presto!!! You are an instant expert administrator. Pathetic.

Rita Cat said...

Or the math teacher who failed her licensing exam that now supervises special education and knows nothing about these kids. The only goal is to get stats up. Teachers and students mean nothing,