Wednesday, February 24, 2016

University of Texas Allows Open Carry of Weapons on Campus

Faculty at University of Texas have been warned to drop controversial and sensitive topics from curriculum, limit student access and only meet students in controlled environments after the school as the law now allows students over 21, with licenses to carry concealed weapons on campus.

Even the military does not allow weapons in barracks and classrooms.

Imagine a crazed student with a gun and a failed exam or an F paper!


Anonymous said...

This is exactly the same thing DeBlasio is doing by pulling metal detectors out of high schools in horrible neighborhoods. I was dean in such a school and every kid I brought to the office had a weapon. What surprised me was finding them on high achieving students. They told me that they felt unsafe on the trains and streets. That was during the Dinkins era!

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!!! The 2nd Amendment lives!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure how this makes teachers more vulnerable to lunatics. Anyone in Texas can carry a gun anyway. I suppose an argument with a student can escalate and the likelihood of her carrying a weapon may be greater. I'm not a gun supporter but this may not make a bad situation any worse.

Rita Cat said...

I don't want my students carrying guns or any weapons.

Mrs. Widget said...

Anonymous is wrong. To carry you must have a permit. So first a person must be 21, complete a background check, have a class, get fingerprinted etc etc.

and anybody can bring a gun to has happened.