Friday, March 25, 2016

Administrative Letter

Dear Teachers,
It has come to my attention that some of you have been doing the most unthinkable, educationally sound practice ever.  You have been praising your students and congratulating them on getting good grades. This practice has got to stop immediately. Your compliments will only make those who did not do well feel bad and that is not something we want. While praise is important it must come from their peers, not from you.  Students congratulating other students will encourage everyone to do better.  
Remember, it is not your job to say nice things to any of your students.  If you do, I will put a letter in your file and you will be rated ineffective at the end of the year.
Sincerely yours,  

Administrator at Large

PS:  As you know I do not have any real teaching experience and no education courses under my belt but I read about this on a blog on the Internet, written by a shoe salesman in India so it must be correct.


burntoutteacher said...

Hahaha. My last principal used to throw pizza parties and give rewards to the lowest 20% of students based on their (failing) averages. This included semi-truants. Nothing for the hard working students. The 20% felt entitled and the hard working students felt cheated. We knew that the marching orders for this kind of treatment came from the higher ups in the New Visions Network that was actually running the school because our know-nothing principal was a non-teacher graduate of the famed principal's academy.

Anonymous said...

Seeing these stories bring me back to the days when I was treated like scum by my former principal. There is a bright end at the other end of the tunnel, if people stay focused and positive.