Sunday, December 20, 2015


The boy needs the class to graduate but he spends class time chatting with a friend, texting and checking Facebook updates.  He does not hand in homework.  He fails 3 out of 5 exams and then gets a 51 on the final.  He finds his grade and is devastated.  He fires off an e-mail begging the teacher to pass him or to at least give him extra work to get him through.

The teacher answers no.  You'd think a boy ready to graduate would know better.


burntoutteacher said...

And then his parents contact the principal and the assistant principal and the teacher is called in and reprimanded. She is forced to come up with "alternative assignments" to assure that he passes. The first set of assignments are rejected by the principal as too difficult and the assistant principal provides the assignments that could be completed in less than an hour without any knowledge of what the class had been studying. The boy's grade is changed to a 75 and the teacher receives an ineffective rating at the end of the year despite 20+ years of exceptional teaching. She is told by the union that she should just retire since it is difficult to appeal. She hangs in for another year but is served with 3020a papers and retires early, missing out on the full pension she had hoped for. The boy goes on to college where he is woefully unprepared and has to spend the first year and a half taking remedial classes. He drops out by the send of the his second year. He now blames his college teachers for failing him.

Pissedoffteacher said...

The good news is this is college and there is no push to pass kids who don't deserve to pass, in fact administration doesn't even want us to. But, the boy has this attitude because this is how he got through high school.