Monday, December 14, 2015

IEP Question

I was just catching up on blog reading and came across one that really upset me.  A new special education teacher could not understand how a kid with a kindergarten reading level could have scored over 80 on two of her regents exams.  The teacher was tasked with writing an IEP and had no clue what to write.  One set of scores showed the child to be severely disabled and the other showed him to be extremely proficient.

I don't know the teacher, the student or the school but I do know what I saw when I taught.  I saw teachers leading students to the correct answers on regents exams.  I saw grades that were failing on Friday end up passing on Monday.  In the college I see kids who can barely write their names yet they have regents diplomas.  Cheating has to be the answer.  There is no other way.


Anonymous said...

You are correct. The DOE realizes it's the only way to graduate the students of NYC. That is the goal - not to educate them. The principals, superintendents, etc, are there to make sure that happens. How else could a whistle blower teacher get a six figure settlement and the principal involved stay in her position? It's going on all over the city.

Anonymous said...

You are one smart lady, but it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this one out!