Monday, December 07, 2015

Get ready for a rant that has nothing to do with teaching.

1.  The US would not allow the St.Louis to dock and sent innocent Jews back to the Nazis and back to death.  People like Trump are repeating this horrendous deed by campaigning against allowing Muslims into this country and in particular, not admitting Syrians who are fleeing the horrors of their own country.  Jews were forced to wear yellow stars to identify them.  Will we be doing the same to Muslims if we make them carry identification cards?

2.  Japanese internment camps were set up during WW  II because of the danger these citizens with Japanese blood represented.  They were loyal Americans who had their lives disrupted and destroyed for nothing but fear on the part of the white majority.  Today politicians are talking about internment camps for Muslims because of some, claiming to be Muslims, committing acts of terrorism.  (Islam is a peaceful religion-those terrorists are not true believers.)

3.  In the 50's and 60's Congress interrogated and threw in prison members of the Communist Party whose only crime was exercising their constitutional right to free speech.  Thousands of hours and millions of dollars were spent ruining the lives of innocent victims who posed no danger to the nation.  There was even talk of setting up an internment camp for Communists.  I saw the movie Trumbo today.  Replacing Muslim for Communist is what is coming out of the mouths of people like Trump and Carson today.

We as a nation have done many despicable things in our past.  We can't change what we have done but we can work for a better future by not repeating them.  There are bad people in every race, religion and nationality but to single one out for unfair and hurtful actions is wrong, no its unconstitutional and it is criminal.

(Rockefeller Center Christmas tree pictured above--symbol of love)

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