Sunday, September 21, 2014

How An A School Keeps Its A

Several years ago I was given a double class of seniors who had at most one math credit.  The school needed them to graduate on time and it was my job to get them to pass.  They were given two credits for the class.  Many were taking the exact same class during the evening and in late afternoon school.  (Multiple credit while learning nothing different.)

I spent the first semester trying to teach them math, along with how to answer the questions just using a calculator.  The second semester I just concentrated on getting them to pass, emphasizing that I was not teaching them math, just skills to get through.  I told them they would need remedial courses in college as they were learning little in class.  Most didn't care.  But, the regents exam is a joke and 27 out of 28 passed.

I occasionally run into these students at the community college.  I am greeted warmly with much enthusiasm and I greet them the same way.  When we talk I find out they are floundering in college.  Math was not the only subject they got through knowing nothing.

Our A school kept their A that semester.  We had a high graduation rate.  No one cared that the kids were prepared for nothing.  No one cared that these kids graduated with ruined lives.  The school was highly rated, the admins got their bonuses and no one cared about anything else.

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We still live and breathe the same strategies!