Sunday, September 07, 2014

Giving Thanks

I sat on Rockaway Beach Friday afternoon, listening to the waves, feeling the ocean breeze while the sun gently beat down on my face and thought, this is the way to live.  I gave thanks to my former AP.  While I did not leave because of him, his attitude towards me went a long way in helping me make the decision to retire.

I could be spending the dog days of summer in a sweltering classroom or in one with a loudly running air conditioner.  I could be packing up my things every forty five minutes and moving to a new location to greet another group of kids who are tired and hot and not ready to be back in school.  I could be waiting for the door to opened by a scowling administrator admonishing me because a kid is sleeping or one is 30 seconds late.  I'm so happy this is all behind me.  The beach is great and knowing what I would have been doing if I did not make the decision to retire makes it so much greater.


Wally said...


I was on the Beach in Long Beach, thinking the same thing. Thank goodness for my administrators as well. Retirement is the greatest.
Enjoy your posts

ed notes online said...

You shoulda dropped by. You've probably been to the beach more than I have.

Pissedoffteacher said...

We have a friend with a house on B 119 St and use it all the time. The beach is so empty and clean.