Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Chihuahua with Grinch Genes

A major holiday was approaching.  The Collie, the Rottweiler, and the Alley Cat had nice little parties for those who worked for them.  They brought in lots of good things to eat and filled their offices with cheer.  They knew they could not have had a successful year without the help of these workers and they wanted to show appreciation.  The workers in return thanked their supervisors and promised to do an even better job in the coming year.  The office was a place of mutual respect and admiration and because of this performance was always at its peak.

There was one office that had no holiday cheer this year.  The Chihuahua refused to recognize those who gave so much to keep her in her position.  There was no food, not even water and a few Kibbles and Bits.  There were no cards or e-mails. The Chihuahua just sat behind her desk scowling and making sure no one tried to have any sort of celebration or left early.

As the little dogs in her department left for the day, Chihuahua got up to give them a final message.

"Rest up my little ones for when you return, the real work begins.  I have lots more ideas to keep this department on top and you better be ready to carry them out.  If not, I have the power to make your lives miserable and I will not hesitate to use it.  Remember your lives and your careers depend entirely on me.  Now, hand over the gifts you bought me and get out of here."

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