Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Last Night

I am watching my class take their final.  Out of the 28 students I started with, 21 are present.  (This is a great statistic.)  Out of the 21, I am sure 21 will pass the exam.  I am hoping a few do well enough to pass the class.  There will be at least 8 A's.

It is fantastic to have a class like this, but it is even better to work in an environment that judges me on me, not their scores.  The college knows our classes are mixed bags, sometimes good and sometimes not so good.  They respect the teachers they hire and have confidence in their doing a good job.

In addition to no judgement, the college also knows that everyone has their own style, and, as long as it works they leave the teachers alone.  No one comes in for 5 minutes and rates us ineffective because there are no groups, or every student is not speaking at least once, or the lesson was teacher dominated.  They also listen to the students and, while one complaint means nothing, they will investigate multiple complaints and see what is really going on in the class.

I don't know what my class will be like next term, but I look forward to meeting a whole new crop of students and doing my best to help them like math and be a success.  Right now, I can't wait for my month off.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you a good vacation and a wonderful new year ahead. You went through so much this year.


Anonymous said...

What a great teaching environment. I am jealous even though I am no longer teaching! Best wishes for your holiday respite. Hope next semester's class is just as brilliant.