Thursday, June 20, 2013

OSI Came A Callin'

Many years ago, Mutt and Jeff were two special education teachers who, to put it mildly, had a full paying job while on a permanent vacation. Oh, they showed up every day but they didn't teach much.  They told the kids to be good and they would get 90's.  I know this is true, because I heard the story from numerous kids. 

Mutt and Jeff wanted to be loved by every student which is kind of hard to do when the kids can't pass state exams, but they solved this problem by giving out answers during the exams.  This went on for years, people saw but said nothing until Inspector Gadget joined the staff.  Inspector Gadget had problems in the school and knew he would be out of work at the end of June.  He knew that Mutt and Jeff played a major part in his job loss.  As one final act, he called OSI and reported proctoring violations.

When the new school year started in September, OSI sent investigators to the school.  They interviewed teachers and students.  When one student was asked if anyone helped her on the exam, she answered "yes, Ms. POd."  Luckily for me, she quickly clarified her statement with "she helped by being a really good teacher."  Mutt and Jeff got off lucky.  The kids they gave answers to had graduated and were not around for the questioning.

Being investigated is not fun.  I would not wish it on any innocent person.

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