Saturday, June 15, 2013

Have Money--Get A High School Diploma

A friend of mine teaches in a very expensive yeshiva in the Five Towns area.  Parents pay heavy duty tuition.  Many make hefty duty donations.  These kids have private drivers and tutors.  Everything they want they get.

In this Yeshiva, no one fails.  Kids used to be given packets to complete to improve grades.  This was a snap for them.  Mommy and daddy hired tutors to complete the assignments.  Now, instead of these packets, the kids must take make up exams, usually the same exam they failed in the first place. They have plenty of time to get help and to memorize answers.

Dov did not show up when he was supposed to and missed his makeup.  When he finally showed up, he badgered the teacher for permission to do the exam at home.  She refused.  He finally took the exam, scored an 85 and passed the class, knowing nothing.

Next year Dov will be a college freshman, expecting the same things.  Poor Dov is in for a rude awakening.  My friend gave up the job.  She just couldn't take the low standards anymore.


Shireen Dadmehr said...

That's creepy and sad and parents are just creating NEW adults that will not be valuable contributors. How can they think THAT'S a good idea?

Anonymous said...

@ Shireen:
I would never try to justify the actions of such parents, but I can tell you from personal experience that the kids who go to such schools will not be the ones who "will not be valuable contributors." These kids may have a lot to learn later on, and may indeed be in for a "rude awakening," but they will not be the ones living on the dole . . . it just doesn't happen in the communities that can afford to send their kids to these schools.

Shireen Dadmehr said...

But don't you think that this behavior will cause future adults who will think they can just do the bare minimum? They may not be on the dole, but it seems they'll figure out a way to do as little as possible because someone else will always cover for them. And maybe because they are rich, then others won't feel the power to say anything to them, but in a sense, they are still a drain to society in a manner.