Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Better Stock Up On Ambien


Message to the proctors who have been giving their students answers during recent regents exams:

Sleep now.  You won't be doing much of that when OSI comes creeping around investigating these miracle grades.  Don't expect any protection from the administrator who forced suggested you do this. This administrator will self protect.  The bonus and the job protection are the APs only concern.

(This is going on in more schools than anyone would ever imagine.  So, if you see your school here, if you live in  Brooklyn or Buffalo, know you are not alone.  And, change the word regents to state exam and it could be anywhere in the country.)

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Anonymous said...

The very sad part about all of this is that the AP's take their bonuses with no regard and the students are off to college without being able to read, write or perform basic math computation skills.

Education is not about numbers!