Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Comments from an Administrator

"Every teacher should be in the halls between classes".

"If a student is late once, call the parent."

"If a student is absent twice, call the parent."

"If a student is not doing homework, call the parent."

"If a student fails, you are a failure.

"I want another performance bonus. YOU MEASLY TEACHERS BETTER DO MORE SO I CAN GET ANOTHER ONE THIS YEAR. Stop taking lunch breaks. Stop going home until 7:00 PM. Start coming in at 6:00 AM. You may no longer use the bathroom on school time. If I don't get another bonus, you will get a U rating and be on the unemployment line."


Anonymous said...

There are quite a number of teachers in the hallways between classes. They are generally moving to another classroom dragging all their books, student work, and personal possessions all over the place. Then there are those teachers in the hallway who are running to the bathroom between periods, hoping that there will be toilet paper when they get there. Of course, there are those lucky teachers dragging their entire "office" with them on the way to the teachers' cafeteria, where they may have some bitter coffee to wake them up or some form of whatever is available for lunch. Yes, Mr. and Ms. Administrator, the teachers are indeed in the hallways between periods.

Pissedoffteacher said...

I hope these teachers are pushing kids into classrooms while they walk the halls with their "offices" on their backs. They might as well do two things at once!