Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Newsday had an article this week about customer service  A customer training company advised reps to
1. Say thank you for letting them know there is a problem.
2.  Listen to the complaint without interruption.
3.  Let the customer talk as much as they want to.  Anger will ultimately burn itself out.
4.  Never debate or argue.
5.  Offer empathy and gather facts.

This technique has been used on me quite successfully in the past and not in regards to customer service but in regards to something much bigger.  But, I'm wise to it now and it won't work again.

I've been fooled before.  I won't be fooled again.


Anonymous said...

If they thought they could placate you, they were sadly mistaken. But it's easier to use these tactics than confront the real problem--an administrator who really does not know how to build a professional community. By demanding and stomping on good teachers--really???
If your new principal really wants to succeed, he has to set the ground rules. When the AP at my former school crossed the line, the principal put her foot down and overruled her plenty of times. Sometimes the bear has to train the cub.

Anonymous said...

What if the bear hasn't been trained either?