Friday, November 05, 2010

Be Prepared Should Be An Administrator's Motto Too

One of the things we were supposed to learn on Tuesday's Pd was how to use the Castle Learning program as it will hopefully provide a better, or at least an additional method to reach the students.  Unfortunately, I missed the introductory session (I was at a different workshop) and did not fully understand the benefits of the program until today, when I watched a teacher in my department checking the work he assigned to his class.

If things had been explained differently, if the person running the second workshop had prepared properly, my classes too would be using this program.

We were never told to bring class lists to the work shop and everyone spent half the time printing these lists off ARIS.  We were also told we needed all our classes, when we really only needed the regents classes as that is all the program links to.  I spent the entire time adding useless names to a class list and never got to the ones I could use.

Teachers are required to be prepared for class every day.  Good teachers always are.  Too bad the same is not true for administrators who run workshops they know nothing about.

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Anonymous said...

Administrators do not believe in the double standard argument so any comparison between what they say and what they do falls on deaf ears. Whether it is giant ego or tiny intellect they cannot grasp the importance of a single standard to effective leadership.