Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big But

Sacrificing the extra periods of calculus to create an extra class seemed like a good idea.  So many kids were being left out, it seemed like the only option when I suggested doing it.  And, I am not sorry.  I just marked test papers and some of the highest achievers would have been left out had the extra class not been created.  (I intend to do an analysis of the data that is used to place the kids in AP and prove there is little to no correlation to the standards currently being used.  That, I promise will be a powerful post.) The kids are great and happy to be able to take the class.  But, and it is a big one, the cut back in class time is taking a toll on many of the kids.  They just aren't getting the time they need to work on problems and develop their skills.   These kids are bright and while they do well, it takes some of them a while to get the material.  Many never took pre-calculus and lack thinking tools as their trig class only taught them one thing--how to pass the regents--memorize and regurgitate. Analysis and clue searching was never mentioned.

Everyone is saying how important education is, how we have to educate our children to keep ahead in the world.  We are being compared to China and Japan and even some underdeveloped nations and we are see our kids lagging behind.   We want to keep up but when it comes to spending money on the kids who will benefit the most, the money is not there. 

It is time for Obama and company to stop giving lip service to the value of education and start giving it what it needs.

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"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Speak it and sing it sister! When I grade my AP students' writing, I wound how in the he'll they never learned to write an intro paragraph or conclusion, and then I remmed that they have been drilled in writing personal narratives rather than expository analytical writing. Then I go cry.